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 Araman's Story

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PostSubject: Araman's Story   Araman's Story I_icon_minitimeSat Aug 01, 2009 1:32 am

“Araman, Where are you going?” Someone yelled to him as he began to walk out the door.

“To town, mom!" Araman yelled over his shoulder

“Alright, just be careful!" his mother yelled back to him.

Araman ran down the small path that led to the town center of Damasca, Araman’s home town. He was headed for the academy when he ran into his girlfriend, Leahe.

“Araman!” she exclaimed, throwing herself into his arms.

“Leahe” Araman said returning the embrace. She stood up on the tip of her toes and kissed him on the lips before dropping back down on her feet and putting her head on his shoulder.

Araman looked over towards her family’s shop; Jakob, Leahe’s best friend, smiled from the shop window as some soldiers walked up to him. Similar soldiers were walking with an officer towards the city block where Araman lived.

Araman had just turned 15. Leahe was just a month older than he was.

Araman glanced back at Jakob’s stand and he was pointing in their direction. The soldiers walked over to them.
The soldiers he had seen headed towards his home a few minutes ago were now coming back, dragging someone behind them, his mother. Araman let go of Leahe and walked toward the men he saw dragging his mom.

“What are you doing?” he asked them.

“We have strict orders from General Maximus Thorin to take the Bluinthian and Delmolian citizens of this town into custody, after which they are to be brought to the Weduioian capitol and jailed immediately”

Araman glanced at his mother who was crying. Leahe was being seized in a similar manner and Jakob began to walk over.

“Unhand her!” Jakob commanded.

A soldier glanced in his direction and when Jakob came near enough he flicked his knife out of his belt and thrust it into his gut. Jakob glanced down at the knife and fell to the ground, blood pooling all around him.

A swordsman seized Araman, but he quickly shook him off and punched the soldier in the face. Araman picked up the swordsmen’s blade and saw that Phalanxes were being brought in to help out the situation. He swung the blade over his head in an arc killing a swordsman. Then continued to swing it around and sliced a slinger. He tried to free Leahe by charging the men that were holding her. He killed one and then ran at an archer, killing him and grabbing his bow. As he turned around, a Phalanx stepped forward and punched him in the face, knocking him out.

Araman woke later on a wooden chair in a dark room and someone asked him a question.

“W—what do you want with me?” he answered, his voice quivering in fear.

Something hit his gut, hard, and Araman coughed up blood.

“Stop!” commanded a sleek oily voice.

“Yes, Emperor Thorin!” said a Phalanx.

A man with a pale looking skin and dark robes walked towards him.

“You fought bravely… for a Delmolian.” Mocked the Emperor

“I fought your men for what I thought was right!” yelled Araman. “Now where are they?!”

The Emperor waved his hand and the Phalanx punched him in the gut again.

“You are now a part of the Weduioian Army” said the Emperor.

“I won’t fight for you! Ever! Even if my own life counted on it!” Araman defied.

“Would you let your precious Leahe die… or even your Mother?” he asked smirking at Araman.

Araman looked to were a torch had been lit and saw swords at the throats of his mother and Leahe. Leahe stared at him, her eyes glazed with fear. His mother was crying again, staring at the large cut on his head where he had been hit, where his blonde hair had been stained with blood. He couldn’t just let them die.

“Fine...” Araman surrendered, “I’ll do it.”
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Araman's Story
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